Reasons to Get on the Ale Trail

May 15, 2019 | Uncategorized

  1. To Support Local

Craft beer is a growing industry in Niagara, and when we support the breweries, we support the community – that means supporting small businesses, job growth, tourism, and the hard-working residents right here at home. It helps the region thrive! Who knew that enjoying delicious craft beers could do so much good?


  1. There’s Always Something New

One of the best things about craft breweries is that they’re constantly releasing unique new brews to go alongside their staples. And with so many breweries now in Niagara, there are new beers to try every week! Interesting new flavours, collaborations with other breweries, and fun style fusions are common in the craft community.


  1. Location, Location, Location!

Patio pints, vineyard views, repurposed churches… the breweries all over the Ale Trail offer some of the best locations to enjoy a cold craft brew. Each one has its own distinct style and ambiance, sure to capture your interest.


  1. Beyond Beer

While the beer is reason enough to get out on the Ale Trail, there are also some amazing food options at our local breweries. This is certainly not fast food, folks! Choose from the European Kaiserhaus menu at Lock Street, the inspired take on pub food at Merchant Ale House, amazing BBQ from Brushfire at Oast House, the perfect beer pairings from Foodswings at Brimstone and the Kitchen at Bench, and the extensive food list at Counterpart – plus many other options across Niagara breweries.


  1. It’s Darn Good Beer.

Enough said!

For the full list of breweries on the Niagara Ale Trail, visit our Brewery page, or download our handy map – and get out on the Ale Trail!

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Niagara Ale Trail

The Niagara Ale Trail was founded in 2014 to celebrate the best of Niagara’s Craft beverage scene, encompassing craft breweries from each of Niagara’s 12 municipalities. Founded with 14 Craft Breweries, the Niagara Ale Trail expanded to include Craft Cideries in 2023 and has over 25 participating locations.